Study in USA

Are you looking to study in the USA? The Global American University, Schiller offers a diverse range of degree programs for students aspiring to excel in the field of international business, international relations, data analytics, and global trade and finance. Our Tampa campus is known for its vibrant city life, cultural diversity, dreamy beaches, and excellent networking and career opportunities.

Our Tampa campus offers a truly unique learning experience. The city of Tampa boasts of awesome weather with clear blue skies, warm temperatures, and a cost of living that is affordable for students.

At The Global American University, Schiller, we are committed to providing world-class education to our students, preparing them for leadership roles in an international setting. Our programs are designed to be flexible and accessible, allowing students from around the world to pursue their academic goals. Our experienced faculty, innovative curriculum, and state-of-the-art online learning platform ensure that you receive a high-quality education that is relevant to today's global business landscape.

In addition to our Tampa campus, we have campuses in other popular study abroad destinations such as Madrid, Paris, and Heidelberg, giving you the opportunity to experience different cultures and broaden your horizons. Our online university services include comprehensive academic support, career services, and networking opportunities, enabling you to make the most of your education and prepare for a successful career in the global arena.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a bachelor's, master's, or MBA program in international business, international relations, data analytics, or global trade and finance, The Global American University, Schiller offers the flexibility and excellence you need to achieve your academic and career goals. Join us at our Tampa campus and embark on an unforgettable learning journey in one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the USA.

If you are looking for a degree course in Tampa, USA, The Global American University, Schiller is the ideal choice to prepare you for a successful career in the international arena. Contact us today to learn more about our online degree programs and start your journey towards a globally recognized degree.