Master's in Sustainability and Social Innovation

Empowering Change through Sustainability and Social Innovation

The world is at a critical juncture, facing formidable environmental and social challenges that demand immediate and effective action. Climate change, resource depletion, and social inequalities have become pressing issues that require innovative and sustainable solutions. At Schiller International University, we are dedicated to preparing future leaders who can drive the transition towards a more ethical world through our esteemed Master's in Sustainability and Social Innovation.


A Comprehensive Approach to Sustainability and Social Innovation

Our Master's in Sustainability and Social Innovation program has an interdisciplinary approach, combining business management, economics, environmental science, and social sciences. This comprehensive curriculum offers a deep understanding of sustainability challenges and opportunities, enabling our students to develop solutions that encompass economic, social, and environmental considerations. Through a blend of theoretical insights and practical experiences, students gain the knowledge and tools to become change agents in their respective fields.


Create Sustainable Solutions for a Better Future

With our Master's in Sustainability and Social Innovation program, you will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to create answers that address the most pressing environmental and social challenges of our time. You will learn to strike a balance between economic, social, and environmental factors when making decisions, and master the art of engaging stakeholders to drive effective change. By joining our program, you become equipped to lead the transition towards a more ethical world across various sectors, including businesses, governments, NGOs, and other organizations.


Embrace a Promising and In-Demand Field

The demand for sustainability professionals continues to surge as organizations recognize the integral role it plays in their long-term success. By pursuing our Master's in Sustainability and Social Innovation, you position yourself advantageously in this growing and in-demand field. Gain a competitive edge in diverse industries and sectors, and contribute to creating a better future for all.


Why Choose Schiller International University?

Experiential learning focused on Global Employability

We believe in experiential learning, connecting our students with companies from day one. Through real challenges, internships, immersive experiences, and more, we ensure our graduates are prepared to make an immediate impact in the professional world.


Real international environment

With campuses in four different countries, you will experience a truly global environment. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, engage with classmates from around the world, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the global reality.


Holistic, interdisciplinary, and practical

Our approach to sustainability education is holistic, embracing a multidisciplinary perspective and emphasizing the practical application of knowledge. We believe that addressing sustainability challenges requires a multifaceted approach that combines theory with hands-on skills.


Engage with real-world challenges

We have established partnerships with leading businesses, and academic institutions, offering our students invaluable opportunities to tackle real-world challenges and develop sustainable solutions through meaningful collaborations.


Experts dedicated to your success

Our faculty comprises leading experts in sustainability, business management, environmental science, and social sciences. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, ensuring a rich and engaging learning experience. Our faculty members are committed to helping students succeed, and you will have personal advisors supporting you throughout your degree, guiding you towards achieving the best possible results.


Ready to Change the World? - Master's in Sustainability and Social Innovation


With the Master's in Sustainability and Social Innovation program at Schiller International University, you have the opportunity to become a real change agent. By acquiring the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to create ethical and sustainable solutions, you can make a long-lasting impact on global challenges. Join us in building a future where business thrives at the economic, social, and environmental level.

Take the first step towards your transformative journey. Embrace the Master's in Sustainability and Social Innovation program at Schiller International University. Together, let's create a world that embraces sustainability and social innovation for the betterment of all.

Contact us today to learn more about our program and how you can become a part of the solution. Together, let's shape a sustainable and inclusive future.