Master of Science in Software Management

Master of Science in Software Management: Be part of the Tech Revolution

In the 21st century, digital transformation has become paramount, especially after the transformative effects of the pandemic. Technology and innovation play a significant role in our daily lives, whether at home, work, school, or during leisure activities. At Schiller International University, we recognize the importance of training professionals who possess knowledge in technology and innovation to thrive in today's business environment.

If you have a passion for innovation, computer science, and technology, and aspire to be part of the growth and development of large companies, specializing in computer software and media applications can make you a highly sought-after professional in the job market and a global innovation agent.


What can you expect in the Master of Science in Software Management program?

The Master of Computer Software and Media Applications degree is an interdisciplinary program designed to equip you with the skills to implement and develop new technologies and enhance information systems. As a professional software computer scientist, you will have the ability to leverage technology to address the challenges of the global economy in an intelligent, creative, and humanistic manner. This program will prepare you to create, develop, and implement computer languages, applications, and digital tools, enabling you to program, design, and publish innovative and user-friendly multimedia products.


Why is a Master of Science in Software Management worth it?

Pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science allows you to develop your creative and innovative skills while being part of the revolution in the Tech Data world. Computer Science is a vast and ever-evolving discipline where intelligence, reason, and science converge to improve businesses, society, and the human condition.

Moreover, this field offers excellent employment opportunities, with a projected growth of +22% in the market for Software Developers and Quality Assurance Analysts, with 2.3 million projected employment opportunities, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Why study Science in Computer Software and Media Applications?

  • A booster for your global career: Our programs are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's competitive job market, ensuring you become a sought-after professional.
  • A unique learning approach: Experience the Real Global Learning Experience, a personalized methodology that propels your professional growth. Through experiential learning, you'll tackle real case challenges alongside industry professionals, gaining a comprehensive understanding of real-world scenarios from day one.
  • Global perspective: Immerse yourself in our diverse learning environment with four international campuses across the USA, Spain, France, and Germany. Expand your global mindset, study around the world, and broaden your cultural horizons.
  • Employability-driven focus: We are dedicated to preparing you for a successful professional career. Collaborate with classmates on projects, including case studies, and engage with industry professionals through presentations and partnerships. Gain practical experience and further enhance your skills.
  • Acquire advanced knowledge: Delve into the latest scientific and technological advancements. Develop the expertise to build innovative, user-centric products and design groundbreaking technologies that will shape the future. Apply your skills to real-world challenges and be ready to solve problems in today's professional landscape.


Do you need to know more? Master the technological revolution with the Master of Science in Software Management! Gain innovative skills and lead the digital future - enroll today!