Master in Environment and Sustainability

Are you ready to lead the ethical transition towards a more sustainable future? At The Global American University, Schiller, we offer a Master in Environment and Sustainability that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to make a real impact on the world.

In today's changing world, businesses face new challenges linked to climate change, environmental footprints, and the need for sustainable practices. Sustainability is no longer just about environmental issues, but also encompasses social and economic stability, ethical values, and responsible organization. As a global citizen, it's crucial to understand these challenges and be prepared to tackle them head-on.

So, why is it worth studying sustainability? The change towards sustainability is a revolution that affects all sectors, and businesses that do not adapt to sustainable practices will struggle to survive. Shareholders and financial institutions are putting pressure on companies to have clear sustainability strategies to mitigate risks. As a young professional, your career will occur during the transition to a low carbon economy, and we are here to prepare you for that future. Sustainability is becoming a core aspect of business management and will continue to be so for the coming decades. We are at a crossroads, and you have the opportunity to be part of the change.

At The Global American University, Schiller, our Master in Environment and Sustainability is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary perspective on sustainability. You will learn about business, management, economics, international relations, and global sustainable development. Our program offers a global and crosscutting vision of the current business market, which demands responsible and sustainable management.

If you are interested in working on sustainable business models, contributing to organizations that generate a positive impact on society, and being a leader in the transition towards a socially and environmentally friendly business marketplace, then our Master in Environment and Sustainability is for you.


Why is our Master in Sustainability the best choice for you? 

  • It provides solutions to social and environmental problems, allowing you to make a meaningful contribution to the world and society. You will learn strategies to implement social policies and make companies grow with minimal impact. 
  • It opens doors to leadership positions in organizations that prioritize sustainability, from reducing carbon footprint to achieving net zero. You can be the change agent that leads these important initiatives. 
  • It is a rewarding job that allows you to contribute towards social responsibility and public policy, ensuring the future of the planet and society. You help others and yourself at the same time. 
  • Sustainability is a growing employment sector with diverse opportunities in various sectors. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in sustainability is expected to increase by +8% until 2030, and it is a versatile professional profile needed in all business sectors.
  • Here, your learning process will be based on real challenges, as we believe that the best way to learn is through real-world experiences. We have partners who will accompany you on this journey. Our program is also focused and flexible, allowing you to choose your path based on your goals and interests.


In addition, as a student at The Global American University, Schiller, you will not only gain conceptual knowledge about sustainability, but also develop communication skills to interact in diverse and multicultural settings, improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and become a leader in today's marketplace in a more ethical manner. Our Master's Degree in Sustainability is a pathway to becoming a smart global professional, a change agent ready to create real solutions to global challenges considering the three 'P's: people, profit, and the planet.

So, are you ready to be part of the solution and lead the ethical transition towards a more sustainable future? Join us at The Global American University, Schiller, and become a sustainability professional who makes a positive impact on the world.