Master in Business Administration

If you are interested in a Master in Business Administration, read on and discover how studying at Schiller International University, a Global American University, can assist you in taking a professional leap in your career.

Do you know what a Master in Business Administration is all about? 


The Master in Business Administration is one of the most prestigious and relevant graduate degrees. At Schiller, we focus on providing you with an interdisciplinary program that will help you expand your knowledge of business management and maximize your leadership skills.


Pursuing an MBA can be an excellent way to boost your professional growth. With this program, you will not only increase your knowledge of business operations, but you will also acquire fundamental tools and skills to comprehensively lead in the business world.

What sets Schiller's Master in Business Administration apart?


We recognize that the world is constantly changing, and education must keep pace with new challenges. That's why we emphasize offering you innovative, high-level training to help you become a leader amidst these significant changes.


Your experience with us will be based on:

  • Solid fundamentals: We provide you with the essential tools for business management and guide you in developing your communication skills. You will have everything you need to lead the business world as an expert.
  • Learning through real challenges: While theoretical knowledge is essential, we understand that the most critical aspect is learning through practice. During this MBA, you will confront real challenges in international companies and startups. From day one, you will experience the professional world firsthand.
  • Multicampus Experiences: Learning by living at our 4 international campuses is an advantage for your professional profile. Immersing yourself in multiple international realities will enhance your global mindset and motivate you to expand your network of contacts. And get the advantage of achieving an accredited* dual degree (*ACCSC) recognized in both Europe and the USA.
  • Monthly Methodology: Our focused and flexible learning approach allows you to concentrate on a specific area of study each month, developing projects and activities related to that topic. This ensures a more targeted and friendly learning experience.

Is pursuing a Master in Business Administration at Schiller worthwhile?


If you still have any doubts, the answer is yes. This program is worth it because we concentrate on developing your professional and digital skills, boosting your employability worldwide.

By studying for an MBA with us, you will learn about:

  • Innovative methodologies: You will be able to develop projects using innovative, current, and multidisciplinary tools. You will use tools like Design Thinking to think outside the box, Lean Startup to create the best products, and Agile to manage projects like an expert.
  • Career skill booster: We focus on developing all the skills you need to secure your desired job, shaping you into a global leader. Leadership, adaptability, public speaking, and teamwork are just a few examples.
  • Collaborative tools: Staying up to date is no longer an option but a necessity. You will learn to use fundamental tools applicable to your daily work, such as the Customer Journey Map, Empathy Map, Stakeholders, and the Canvas Business Model.
  • Expert Mentorships: Through unlimited mentoring services, we aim to help you focus your ideas and develop outstanding projects. With contributions from significant professionals, you will be able to construct robust business strategies and remain motivated to tackle your next business challenge.
  • Specialized Certifications: Enhance your MBA experience with specialized certifications. These certifications provide a unique opportunity to distinguish yourself in the global job market. Choose to become an expert in high-demand tools such as AWS, SAP, SAS, and more.

Don't hesitate any longer; take the leap towards a transformative MBA journey at Schiller International University. Elevate your career, develop invaluable skills, and open countless doors to your desired future career. 

Join us in shaping your path to global success today!