Master’s degrees

Study a master’s degree that allows you to do just that. Specialize in international business, tech, international relations, computer software and media applications, data analytics, global trade and finance or sustainability. Our program allows you to discover various locations around the world (USA, Spain, France, and Germany) while mastering global diversity and exploring potential career opportunities globally.

Get the advantage of knowing what the world tastes like so you can run it yourself.


Master the global world 

Europe and the United States are highly sought-after destinations for postgraduate study, attracting students from all around the world due to the global perspective they offer.

By pursuing a postgraduate degree with Schiller International University, Schiller, you will get more than just a study abroad experience. You will learn by living and immersing yourself in different realities and discovering globality for yourself.

As you progress, you’ll become a smart global professional, gain international experience, and demonstrate to prospective employers that you have the skills and expertise needed to thrive in an increasingly globalized world.


Take advantage of studying at an American university 


Forget traditional theoretical learning. With us you will be able to develop your ideas and advocate them using the knowledge you have acquired.

This means experience, experience, experience. Real challenges underpin American education, as they enhance critical thinking, creativity, intuition, and logic, all key points to stand out as a professional for the future.

At Schiller International University, Schiller, we are revolutionizing this system and taking it one step further by making your master’s degree a real international experience. You will live and learn 100% through your own experiences. Plus, you will have the chance to earn an Accredited* dual degree (*Accredited member ACICS) to make you stand out from other students. 

It is what we call The Real Global Learning Experience.


The Real Global Learning Experience 


  • Four international campuses 

Learn by living in as many as four different countries (US, Spain, France, and Germany) and transfer easily between them to achieve a real global mindset.

Enjoy a unique opportunity to experience globality from within and understand different cultures and markets. Being global implies living in the global world. Challenge yourself!

  • Accredited* dual degrees 

Our degrees are US-accredited and give you the chance to obtain a complementary European diploma by completing just one study plan. 

The change to an Accredited* dual degree allows you to expand your limits. You’ll be able to develop yourself in an international and multidisciplinary context that allows you to work worldwide, playing an important role in solving complex global problems in an ever-changing world where the borders between disciplines are disappearing.

*Accredited member of ACICS

  • Experiential learning 

Our students are not idle onlookers. We want to see you learning for real in the real world. 

- Face real challenges with real companies
Get out of the classroom and solve real challenges in top organizations that resemble those you will encounter in the future. 

- Work hand in hand with international experts
Apply the knowledge you acquire to the real world and come up with solutions to global social problems on your own.

- Use innovative methodologies

Learn to put into practice some of the most innovative methodologies in the business market, such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup or Agile, which are used in real companies’ day-to-day business.


  • Focused Learning

Tailor your experience to become the best version of yourself with our monthly learning system. This unique methodology allows you to focus on the subject you're studying and learn the tools, skill and challenges that will enable you to make the most of every course.

At Schiller International University, Schiller, we provide you with all the support and resources you need to succeed in your chosen field. Our monthly system is designed to help you focus your learning and find your place in the global world, allowing you to become the smart global professional you've always wanted to be. It's up to you to lead your global success.

  • Geared towards Global Employability Oriented

Postgraduate education should mean higher preparation that focuses on career skills and connects with global career opportunities. This is exactly what Schiller Amer offers to you. 

- Take on real challenges

Expand the traditional classroom concept and draw connections with the business community’s knowledge by looking for solutions to real challenges launched by top global companies.

- Create your Global Employability Path

Develop all the top professional skills (according to the World Economic Forum) in technology, innovation, creativity, management, teamwork and business.

- Boost your professional and personal skills

Complement your learning with activities aimed at developing your professional skills, for example international immersion weeks in leading international institutions or bootcamps with well-renowned companies.

- Get a certified specialization

Specialize in what suits you the most and get a special mention in highly demanding areas such as entrepreneurship or tech and business.

- Benefit from our many industry partnerships

Get exclusive access to internships, scholarships, career advice, and mentoring by international professionals.


Credit Transfer and Acceleration 

Maximize your previous academic achievements by transferring credits towards your master’s degree. If your prior coursework aligns with our program requirements, you could transfer up to 18 to 21 credits and fast-track your degree.


Scholarships for Master’s Degrees 

Pursuing a master’s degree shouldn't be hindered by financial barriers. At Schiller International University, Schiller, we offer a range of scholarships tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Apply for a scholarship that fits your circumstances and enjoy up to a 50% tuition discount. Don’t let financial constraints prevent you from reaching your career aspirations.