International Trade Master's Degree

Discover how Schiller International University's International Trade Master's Degree can illuminate your professional future. We constantly strive to innovate and provide our students with the highest quality education. Our goal is to transform you into a highly competitive professional and leader in the global market.

Our International Trade Master's Degree is an interdisciplinary program that will broaden your business perspective and immerse you in the exciting world of commerce, entrepreneurship, and digitalization. Here, you will gain knowledge in marketing, company internationalization, e-commerce, business strategies, accounting, leadership, international politics, and market research. You will acquire all the necessary tools to manage international business in an ever-changing digital and globalized world.

This program focuses on economics, data analysis, innovation, and technology, making you a leader capable of facing business challenges with a global vision.


4 reasons to pursue your International Trade Master's Degree


Develop a global financial mindset: 

Apply principles and processes of exportation and tackle the most significant business challenges by using your skills to negotiate in multicultural scenarios. You will gain a global mindset to effectively solve financial problems.

Boost your business skills and drive growth: 

Become an expert in international trade and strategic negotiation.

Acquire a versatile professional profile: 

Learn about marketing, management, politics, economics, finance, law, accounting, and more, all from an international perspective. Expand your knowledge and obtain a comprehensive view of business in the global context.

Become an expert problem solver in business: 

You will be prepared to face the challenges of international trade and solve complex problems on a global scale.


Why study an International Trade Master Degree at Schiller International University?

At Schiller International University, we go beyond the conventional. We are revolutionizing the education system by providing you with a truly global learning experience in International Trade with our Master Degree.

Here are some unique advantages we offer:

  • International campuses: Study your Master's Degree in up to different countries (USA, Spain, France). Get firsthand knowledge of markets, understand globality, and expand your professional contacts worldwide. Explore different places, open your eyes to new cultures, and maximize your global mindset.
  • Experiential learning: Our educational system is based on real challenges with renowned companies. We know that the best way to learn how the current business world works is through experts, using management tools like SAP software, and applying innovative methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile. From day one, you will immerse yourself in a practical environment that prepares you for the challenges of the job market.
  • Global Employability Path: Postgraduate education should prepare you to meet the demands of the job market and connect you with career opportunities worldwide. With our International Trade Master's Degree, you will acquire the most solid fundamentals, improve your soft skills, and establish connections with companies that will help you boost your professional trajectory. You will participate in immersive weeks, face real challenges, and engage in activities that bring you closer to companies and provide you with the most sought-after tools and skills in today's market.

Even before completing your Master's Degree, you will become a professional in International Trade and Finance. Get ready to lead international trade, relations, and politics, and be capable of offering valuable solutions to hyper-globalized business problems on your own. Make your dream career a reality and discover your full potential!

Get ready to lead international trade and be capable of offering valuable solutions to globalized business problems on your own. Make your dream career a reality and discover your full potential!