Florida American University

Welcome to Schiller International University, where academic excellence meets the sunshine state of Florida. If you're considering pursuing higher education in the USA, our institution provides an outstanding option right in the heart of this dynamic and culturally diverse region.

Explore with us an unparalleled learning journey, where the power of learning by living is our guiding principle.


Why Choose Schiller International University in Florida?

Schiller International University is proud to offer an exceptional educational experience in the state of Florida for a multitude of compelling reasons:

  • Vibrant Campuses: Our university boasts a campus located in the beautiful city of Tampa, Florida. This location provides an inspiring backdrop for your academic journey, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes and a thriving urban environment.
  • Accredited* dual degrees (*ACCSC): Schiller offers a variety of accredited programs, including bachelor's and master's degrees, recognized in the USA and internationally. Your education will adhere to rigorous academic standards and open doors to global opportunities.
  • Global Community: Embrace the opportunity to become part of a diverse and vibrant global community. At Schiller, we have students and faculty from over 100 different countries, creating a multicultural and enriching learning environment. Forge connections that span the globe.
  • World-Class Faculty: Your education is guided by esteemed faculty members who bring extensive expertise and a global perspective to your classroom. Our professors are dedicated to providing you with a high-quality education and personalized support.
  • Experiential Learning: Schiller believes in the importance of practical application alongside theoretical knowledge. Our experiential learning approach integrates real-world experiences into your education, ensuring you graduate with valuable skills and insights.
  • International Experiences: Schiller International University offers seamless transitions between our four international campuses, not only in Florida but also in Spain, France and Germany. This means that you can begin your educational journey in Florida and later explore international opportunities at our global locations.

Join Schiller International University in Florida


Your path to academic and personal growth begins with Schiller International University in Florida. We invite you to explore our programs, discover the rich cultural tapestry of the region, and join a global community of learners. Your future awaits at Schiller, where the beauty and opportunities of Florida meet the excellence of an American education. 

Enroll with us today and embark on an unforgettable educational adventure in the Sunshine State.