Degree in International Business

Degree in International Business

Are you ready to embark on a dynamic journey into the realm of international business? Schiller International University has you. The Degree in International Business is a program designed to cultivate global leaders equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today's interconnected world.


Why Choose Our Degree in International Business?

  • Elevating Your Global Perspective: Our program goes beyond the fundamentals, equipping you with essential skills to excel in the ever-evolving global business arena. You'll delve into foundational principles, tackle real-world challenges, and embrace diversity and ethical decision-making, all crucial qualities of a comprehensive global business leader.
  • Mastering Evolving Global Challenges: Gain a competitive advantage by immersing yourself in emerging issues that impact countries and businesses worldwide. From political turbulence to climate change, we empower you to analyze and address these challenges, ensuring you comprehend their global repercussions on business operations. Prepare to make ethical and socially responsible decisions that contribute to a brighter future.
  • Cultivating Cultural Acumen and Soft Abilities: Develop the vital skills that distinguish you in the international business sphere. Enhance your cultural acumen, communication proficiencies, and teamwork abilities. With a focus on cross-cultural comprehension and proficiency in multiple languages, you'll adeptly navigate diverse environments, collaborate effectively, and excel in public speaking.
  • Embracing Ethical Conduct and Technological Adaptability: Embody the principles of ethical business conduct, encompassing corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Acquire a versatile skill set in the latest technology tools and platforms, ensuring your readiness to thrive in the fast-paced, technology-driven global business landscape.


What You Will Learn at the Degree in International Business?

  • Critically analyze and apply foundational principles and theories of International Business.
  • Evaluate and solve problems in business settings while considering diversity, multicultural perspectives, and ethical approaches.
  • Research emerging issues facing countries or businesses in an international environment, such as political instability, trade policies, climate change, and human rights.
  • Enhance your cultural intelligence, communication and teamwork skills, public speaking, and multilingual proficiency.
  • Study ethical business best practices, including corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and fair-trade practices.
  • Develop skills in the latest technology tools and platforms necessary to compete globally.


Discover the Advantages of a Degree in International Business Global Experience

But it doesn't stop here, we go further to make this course not just another bachelor's degree but a real global experience, a life experience that will turn you into the professional that all employers dream of. Here are some of the reasons why this can be your place to shine: 

  • Experience our Degree in International Business Global Experience. Enjoy three years between Madrid, Paris, or Heidelberg and an additional year in Florida, with the opportunity to apply for an OPT and stay there working and living the American dream. 
  • Enhance your skills through our specialized certificate program and gain certifications in Cross-Cultural Communication, Sustainable Business, Data Science & AI, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
  • Take international recognition to the next level. Our Accredited* Dual Degrees (*ACCSC) hold value not only in Europe but also in America. We bridge continents, providing you with an education that opens doors to diverse opportunities worldwide.

Get ready to embrace the global perspective and set out on a journey that connects your ambitions with the international stage. Your future knows no boundaries and we know that.