Degree for Business Analytics

Do you want to stand out in the business world? Are you looking for a degree that will give you a competitive edge in the job market? If the answer is yes, then a degree in Business Analytics could be the perfect choice for you. At Schiller International University, Schiller, we are proud to offer a bachelor degree in Business Analytics program that will provide you with all the skills, among technological, analytical and business, you need to be able to control data, influence the world and make groundbreaking decisions to impact it.

With our bachelor degree for Business Analytics, you will learn how to analyze large amounts of data, translate information into concrete business actions, develop the ability to use numbers to solve complex problems, master Big Data and tools that are currently used in the market such as data visualization and inference optimization. As well as understanding how to lead the digital transformation of companies, among many other aspects.


In short, a bachelor degree in Business Analytics will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to make companies smarter and more competitive in today's marketplace. With this training, you will be able to influence the business world and become a leader capable of making strategic and game-changing decisions.

And all this, in a practical and experiential way. Because we know that a university degree should not only be an academic experience, but also a life experience, a path that really prepares you to gain access to the labor market. That's why we have created a 100% practical degree program for Business Analytics, in which you will work on real projects with leading global companies, facing real challenges and situations, applying your knowledge to the real world, learning firsthand how business works, using the same methodologies used by real companies and preparing you for your future career. Because if there's one thing we're committed to, it's your employability. 


In addition, at Schiller International University, Schiller, we offer you the opportunity to learn by living an international experience in different countries. This means you will have the opportunity to experience different cultures and learn about global business in a hands-on, totally immersive environment. Through this unique experience, you will gain cross-cultural skills and a global perspective that will help you stand out in an increasingly competitive job market, and our network of global connections will give you the opportunity to connect with business leaders from around the world.

Don't wait any longer to start your career and become a high-performing professional in the world of new business - choose to study our bachelor degree in Business Analytics and start your journey to success today!