Computer Software and Media Applications Major

In the exciting digital era in which we live, software and media have emerged as the fundamental catalysts propelling our society towards the future. If you are passionate about technology and envision yourself creating innovative applications and captivating multimedia content, the Computer Software and Media Applications major at Schiller International University stands ready to equip you with the essential tools and knowledge necessary to realize your professional goals.


Why choose a Computer Software and Media Applications major?

This program offers a comprehensive hands-on learning experience in software development and digital media production. By pursuing the Computer Software and Media Applications major, you will gain access to a diverse range of key skills and knowledge. Our specialized courses will immerse you in programming languages, application development, user interface design, and database management. You will also embark on an exhilarating journey into multimedia content production, delving into graphic design, animation, video editing, and sound engineering.


Why choose Schiller International University?

Schiller International University offers a remarkable advantage through its exceptional blend of theory and practice. As a student here, you will not only acquire a strong foundation in computer science and media principles, but also have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to real-world projects. Through internships and practical challenges, you will gain hands-on experience in the day-to-day operations of global companies and local organizations. This approach ensures that you develop crucial practical skills, forging industry connections and cultivating essential soft skills necessary to thrive in your future professional endeavors.

Moreover, our programs are conducted in an international and multicultural environment. As a part of the Schiller International University community, you will immerse yourself in a diverse and enriching atmosphere, engaging with students and professors hailing from many different countries. You will confront real-world challenges posed by collaborating international companies, developing a global mindset. This will not only broaden your horizons but also prepare you for a global career in the technology and media industry. Get ready, because the world will be yours!


4 reasons to choose us for your Computer Software and Media Applications major:

  • Experiential learning: This methodology is rooted in real-world case challenges, so you learn about real cases from professionals working in actual companies. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of professional challenges right from the onset of your studies.
  • Monthly System: Our course format consists of studying one class per month, enabling you to concentrate all your efforts on acquiring knowledge and skills within one specific course topic at a time.
  • Four international campuses: With our four international campuses located in the USA, Spain, France, and Germany, you have the opportunity to study abroad and cultivate a global mindset that will make you a savvy global professional. 
  • Oriented towards global employability: We are dedicated to ensuring that you are prepared for your professional career. You’ll engage with classmates on collaborative projects, such as case studies, and you'll prepare presentations alongside industry professionals. We also have professional partners, affording you opportunities to put your knowledge into practice and expand upon all that you’ve learned from these companies.


If your dream is to play a pivotal role in the technological revolution and contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge software and media, the Computer Software and Media Applications major at Schiller International University is the ideal pathway for you. Our program offers a comprehensive education in computer science and media, complemented by invaluable hands-on experience and a global perspective.