Business Analytics Bachelor's degree

If you're interested in getting your career in the field of data analytics off the ground, read on, this may be just what you're looking for. With a business analytics bachelor's degree, you'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to help companies make data-driven decisions for greater efficiency, profitability and growth.

The world of big data is growing rapidly, and companies, no matter what their size, increasingly need professionals who are able to provide them with data-driven solutions. Highlights include key topics such as data visualization, statistical analysis, data mining and machine learning.


Business analytics is a more than exciting career, because you can be a fundamental part of business transformation in any industry around the world, fostering change and improving various types of processes. All this by analyzing data. 


With a business analytics bachelor's degree, you will be prepared to meet this demand, satisfy the needs of the business world and make a real impact on the business world.

One of the main benefits of a business analytics bachelor's degree is the wide range of skills you will acquire. You will learn how to collect, clean and analyze data using various statistical tools and software. You will also learn how to communicate your findings effectively, both orally and in writing, so that non-technical stakeholders can understand your insights and act on them. In addition, at Schiller International University, Schiller, with a Business Analytics Bachelor's Degree you will also acquire soft skills, which are essential in any business environment, such as problem solving (lots of them!), effective communication and business vision. You will learn to work in teams, manage projects and present your findings in a professional and persuasive manner. We want to enhance all of your skills, because we know how important they are for you to become a great leader in the professional world. 

At Schiller International University, Schiller, we know that when it comes to choosing which major you want to study, it is important that the program you choose also teaches you what the professional world is really like. As we’re focused on your employability, our Business Analytics Bachelor’s Degree offers you the opportunity to learn through an experiential learning methodology, and put all your knowledge into practice from day one. 

As a big data professional, your career opportunities will be endless. After the Business Analytics Bachelor's Degree, you can aspire to jobs as a data analyst, business analyst, market research analyst and data scientist. But that's not all, as there will be no limits in your path since these roles can be found in a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, technology and more.

Also, did you know that after a business analytics bachelor's degree you can also aspire to one of the most competitive salaries in the job market? Yes, you read that correctly, because according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for market research analysts was $65,810 in May 2020. 

If the world of data is your thing, studying a Business Analytics Bachelor's Degree

 at Schiller International University, Schiller, is too. This could be the first step to taking your career to the top and becoming a successful data analyst.

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