American University of Germany

Schiller International University proudly holds the mantle of being the American University of Germany. Nestled in the heart of Europe, Schiller offers a unique educational experience that harmonizes the academic excellence of American universities with the rich cultural tapestry of Germany. 


Here's why Schiller stands as the prime choice for international students seeking American education within the stunning landscapes of Germany.


American Education Excellence in Germany


Schiller International University embodies the quintessential American university experience while being firmly rooted in the beautiful landscapes of Germany. As the American University of Germany, we offer:


  • Quality Academics: Schiller's programs are designed to meet the rigorous academic standards of American education, ensuring that students receive world-class instruction.
  • Global Perspective: Benefit from an international community of students and faculty, which fosters cross-cultural understanding and a global mindset.
  • Holistic Learning: Our focus extends beyond the classroom, emphasizing the development of well-rounded individuals prepared for the complex challenges of the world.


Germany: Learn By Living in a Real Innovation Hub


Choosing Schiller International University provides students with the dual benefit of American-style education and the enchanting German way of life. Germany is a place of:


  • Cultural Richness: Experience a blend of contemporary living with a rich cultural heritage that boasts centuries of history, art, and innovation.
  • Travel Opportunities: Located in the heart of Europe, Germany serves as a gateway to explore neighboring countries, each with its unique charm.
  • Educational Hub: Germany is known for its dedication to quality education and research, creating an ideal backdrop for pursuing a degree.


The Schiller Experience: Best of Both Worlds

Schiller International University is the bridge that connects American educational values with the allure of studying in Germany. Here's what students can anticipate at Schiller:

  • Four International Campuses: Study from multiple campuses worldwide or enjoy the convenience of online learning, all while experiencing Germany's charm.
  • Global Network: Interact with a diverse student community, connecting with peers from all over the world and building an international network.
  • Accredited Dual Degrees* (*ACCSC): Schiller's programs lead to accredited dual degrees, recognized in Europe and the USA, providing a solid educational foundation.
  • Experiential Learning: Participate in experiential learning opportunities, which include real-world challenges from top companies. Acquire skills and knowledge that have immediate applications in the professional world.
  • Global Employability: Schiller University goes beyond academics, offering comprehensive career services, mentorship programs, and connections to companies, enhancing students' global employability.

Choose Wisely, Choose Schiller International University

At Schiller International University, we offer the best of both worlds—a dynamic American educational system merged with the enchanting lifestyle of Germany. Choosing Schiller means opting for a unique academic journey that's enriched with the heritage of American education and the splendors of Germany's culture.

Explore Schiller International University, the American University of Germany, and embark on an academic adventure like no other. Experience the fusion of American academic excellence and German cultural charm, setting the stage for a transformative educational experience.