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Study in Tampa | Schiller International University

Are you considering studying in Tampa? Look no further than Schiller International University. 

At Schiller, we believe that studying abroad is an invaluable experience. Tampa 

offers a rich history, a vibrant culture, and endless opportunities for personal and academic growth.


Why Choose Schiller International University in Tampa?

At Schiller International University, we understand the unique needs and expectations of students seeking an American education in Tampa. Our experienced faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment, where you can thrive academically and personally. With state-of-the-art facilities, modern classrooms, and a diverse student body.

We offer a truly international education. Our Tampa campus is home to students from different countries, creating a diverse and dynamic learning environment. Our programs are designed to prepare students for leadership roles in a global context, focusing on developing skills such as critical thinking, communication, and cross-cultural awareness.


Programs and Services 

Schiller International University offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as business and international relations. Our programs are taught in English by a team of experienced professors, many of whom have extensive industry experience. We also offer various services to support our students, including academic advising, career counseling, and language classes.


Our Global Campuses 

In addition to our Tampa campus, Schiller International University has locations worldwide. Our students have the opportunity to study at any of our global campuses and can transfer credits seamlessly between locations. This allows students to gain a truly international education and to develop a global network of contacts.


Online Learning at Schiller

Schiller International University also offers a range of online programs for students who prefer the flexibility of studying from anywhere in the world. Our online programs are designed to provide the same high-quality education and support services as our on-campus programs, with the added convenience of being able to study on your own schedule.


Study in Tampa with Schiller International University

If you're considering studying abroad in Tampa Schiller International University is the perfect choice. With our global network of campuses and online programs, Schiller provides a truly international education that prepares students for success in today's globalized world. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how you can join the Schiller community.