A Degree in International Relations

Are you ready to embark on a journey that delves into the intricate web of global politics, economics, and diplomacy? A Degree in International Relations could be your passport to shaping a global future. Even more so if you consider doing it here at Schiller International University. Let's find out why! 

4 Reasons to Choose a Degree in International Relations at Schiller

1. Solving Global Challenges: Immerse yourself in the pressing issues of our time, from global governance and conflict resolution to the protection of human rights. Gain the skills to propose effective solutions that make a real impact.

2. Economic Mastery for Impact: Analyze complex economic problems on a global scale, and recommend strategies for sustainable growth that foster inclusive prosperity worldwide.

3. Power of Relationships: Navigate the intricate dynamics between state and non-state actors on the international stage. Foster collaboration and dialogue that leads to a more unified world.

4. Leading in a New Era: Confront the unique challenges of the 21st century, such as cybersecurity, climate change, and pandemics, with innovative leadership and impactful solutions.

What Will You Learn in a Degree in International Relations? 

This program offers a hands-on, learn-by-living approach on up to four international campuses, equipping you with the knowledge, experiences, skills, and global mindset to become a Smart Global Professional.

Understand key global political issues and propose effective solutions, including global governance, conflict resolution, and human rights.

Analyze global economic problems, such as globalization, trade, and financial regulation, and recommend measures for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Navigate complex relationships between state and non-state actors to promote cooperation and dialogue.

Study international organizations, their roles, challenges, and opportunities, preparing you to work effectively within them.

Participate in and propose innovative solutions to 21st-century challenges, such as cybersecurity, climate change, and pandemics, on the international stage.

Unlock a World of Opportunities 


Shape a global future, solve global challenges, and lead change with a Degree in International Relations from Schiller International University. 

Your global career journey could start shining here.