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Are you interested in a Marketing degree? You’re in the right place, just keep reading and find out why studying International Marketing at Schiller International University is going to help you shine in your future professional career.

1. Become a Change Agent

In a globalized world that is constantly changing, studying Marketing alone is simply not enough. It is important to be able to understand the fundamentals of marketing and the new digital tools for an omnichannel experience. The paradigm we live in requires us to know the different realities as a whole, to understand how each one works. That is what we seek at Schiller International University, with our bachelor's degree in International Marketing — to give you a global perspective of the world, without limits, so that you can understand it, offer solutions to real-world problems, and lead it yourself.

Become a real Change Agent, ready to improve today’s society and people’s lives.

2. Learn in a Practical and Global Way

There are many international universities, but few allow you to study in up to four different countries (US, Spain, France, Germany) so that you can get to know all of the international markets from the inside, experiencing for yourself how they work and developing your business, marketing, and management skills.

With a bachelor's degree in marketing, you will gain a complete grasp of how companies perform, since our methodology is based on experiential learning, with just one subject per month, so you can study in a focused way. Working directly with experts, carrying out real challenges in renowned companies worldwide through the most innovative methodologies in business marketing, such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, or Agile, and establishing that global mindset that will make you capable of leading any world stage.

3. Gain Access to a Greater Talent Employment 

Pursuing a career with more than 8% growth expectations over the next 10 years, and the expectation of creating over 750K new jobs relating to marketing functions in high-demand areas such as Business Development, Sales, Investments, or even Accounting or Finance, as a graduate of the Bachelor’s in International Marketing program, you will have access to a diverse and prestigious range of job opportunities.

You get all of this, with the bonus of studying at a college like ours, which provides you with incredible opportunities such as: 

  • A great scholarship program that doesn't just focus on grades or numbers, but on the potential you have as a student.
  • Your own employability path, in which to develop the top professional skills.
  • Career services, which will help you improve your professional skills, through fun and educational activities such as international immersion weeks in the best international institutions, or boot camps with emblematic companies.
  • Contact with a network of unique industrial partnerships, with exclusive access to internships, scholarships, professional advice, and mentoring from international professionals.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

4. Qualify to Be a True Marketing Professional

Getting an International Marketing Bachelor's degree with us, means being ready to:

  • Apply principles, methods, and tools for marketing information management that are necessary to collect, assess, and distribute data for use in marketing choices, which requires critical analysis.
  • Create plans for placing and distributing products, ideas, goods, and services that are efficiently and effectively responsive to global markets.
  • Make marketing suggestions for company decisions based on research into new client wants and preferences.
  • Create a marketing strategy that will satisfy the requirements and objectives of a company or organization.
  • Analyze how developing marketing strategies are affected by shifting global, political, economic, competitive, environmental, cultural, and social systems.
  • By using industry best practices and global standards, one may meet the requirement for ethical awareness and observance in the context of professional marketing activity.
  • Integrate cooperation, individual study supervised learning, and transferable abilities in oral and written communication.
  • Encourage academic study and research to advance global marketing.

5. Study at a Marketing University That Makes You Stick Out

Don't settle for being just one more: stand out with us. We believe that you are more than just another student. You are a person who has a passion to succeed and be the best in your field, putting your knowledge to work in the real world.

Learning by living with this program will give you the kind of exposure to international business that other schools just can't match. Besides, you have the opportunity to study on any of our 4 campuses. And this is what we call… The Real Global Learning experience by Schiller.

We're committed to providing opportunities for our students that go beyond the classroom so they can learn from real-world experience. You only have to experience it for yourself. 

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