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When you start your college adventure, one of the first things that often comes to your mind is what scholarships you can apply for, what each one covers, and the requirements you have to meet to access them.  

And university scholarships can be the best thing to help you study for the career of your dreams without anything holding you back. Having a scholarship can be the encouragement you need to dedicate the necessary time and energy to your studies, without having to worry too much about the budget that this implies. 

There are as many scholarships as there are needs among students, and it is normal to get lost among them. That’s why we have brought you some of the most common types of study grants and their differences, so you can easily identify which fits your situation and don’t miss out on anything!

Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students

Although it seems obvious, the first thing you should consider when applying for a scholarship is the group it is intended for, i.e., if it is a bachelor’s or master’s scholarship. When you start looking at scholarships, sometimes, it is easiest to start filtering for which will be the best to suit your needs.  

Scholarships for international students

I’m sure you’ve fantasized about studying abroad [link to 5 good reasons to study abroad], but maybe you’ve been held back by the extra money needed. Well, numerous scholarships can help you take the leap and start your adventure in another country, even in several countries, if we talk about the added value of studying with Schiller International University. 

Scholarships for international students are awarded to university students who want to participate in academic mobility programs, allowing them to learn and develop in other countries with substantial financial support. 

And there are as many as there are countries!

Scholarships that reward student potential 

Scoring has long been the most common way to evaluate talent. Some scholarships are based only on meeting certain standards set by the grantor of the scholarship and have little to do with the potential or excellence of the student applying for it. 

These university scholarships were created precisely to reward merit, talent, or special interest in academic studies. It is a way of looking beyond the qualifications to reward the effort of the people behind those numbers.

This is what the vast majority of the grants we have at Schiller International University are like. If you are interested in applying for any of them, in our Scholarship Plan, you will find a complete and diverse portfolio of personal awards in which not only “numbers” are valued, but also your potential talent to improve today’s society and people’s lives.

Now that you know the most general types of university scholarships, you just have to find the one that best fits your profile and apply to make your dreams come true. What are you waiting for?

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