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We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom walls. Our students don't just study from textbooks; they engage with the world around them, gaining real-world skills that prepare them to lead and innovate. Outdoor learning is at the heart of our educational approach, learn by living, fostering independence, collaboration, and a deep connection to the global community. 

Discovering The Parisianer Exhibition

Schiller International University’s Bachelor students in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Paris campus recently visited The Parisianer, a large-format outdoor exhibition that invites sport into the heart of Paris on the occasion of the 2024 Olympic Games. This exhibition featured 45 illustrations on the gates of the Mairie de Paris, in the famous rue de  Rivoli.

This collective art project brings together more than 150 artists, with the idea to imagine covers for a fictional magazine called The Parisianer, which celebrates Paris through various themes and is modeled after the American magazine The New Yorker.

Gates of the Mairie de Paris


Celebrating Art and Sport in Paris

Bringing together up-and-coming illustrators, seasoned comic book writers, and incredible artwork, each cover depicts an individual portrait while telling a tale about the city of Paris.

Discovering and identifying all the Olympic disciplines in these representations, meant for all audiences, allowed Schiller’s undergraduate students to admire these works of art, which showcase the beauty of Paris and its international influence in a bold new way.

They are multiple and complementary, joyful, poetic or humorous, offbeat, realistic, and sometimes sarcastic. And it is always fun to recognize the city you are getting to know and love, seen in the eyes of artists.

Paris and the Olympics: A Historical Overview

Paris, the City of Light, has a legendary relationship with the Olympic Games, hosting the event three times, including the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics. Our journey began in 1900 when Paris first welcomed the Olympics, during the second modern Olympiad, held simultaneously with the World's Fair.

This event was groundbreaking, marking the first inclusion of female athletes and introducing unique competitions like ballooning and underwater swimming. Despite facing organizational challenges, the 1900 Paris Olympics set the stage for future games with an innovative and bold spirit.

The Parisianer Exhibitian poster


In 1924, Paris again showcased its grandeur by hosting the Summer Olympics, solidifying its status as a premier host city. These games were a vibrant celebration of athletic prowess and cultural exchange, with 44 nations competing in 126 events. The 1924 Olympics introduced significant improvements in organization and facilities, setting new standards for future hosts. Paris's resilience shone through as it united the world through sports, even amidst post-war recovery and economic challenges.

As we gear up for the 2024 Summer Olympics, Paris aims to reinvent the event with a focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and cutting-edge technology. This edition promises to celebrate not only athletic excellence but also the enduring values of the Olympics—unity, peace, and cultural exchange.

Our legacy of innovation and global connection continues to define Paris's unique role in the history of the Olympic Games, bringing together athletes and spectators from around the world for an unforgettable experience.

Insights from Michael Prigent

As outlined by Michael Prigent, co-founder, and artistic director of The Parisianer, “With the Olympic Games coming to Paris, we thought we had to seize the opportunity to show our image of the city around sport. We weren’t necessarily interested in sport on the sports field, or the athletes in their competition gear, but rather sport in the city.

We realized that in the end, Parisian life is all about sport and that we could bring all kinds of sports into our daily lives. To sum up, we’ve managed to transpose all the disciplines of the Olympic Games into the everyday activities of Parisians’ lives.

Experiential Learning: Our Core Philosophy

Our students exploring Paris

At Schiller International University, experiential learning is more than a method—it's our core philosophy. We believe that the most profound education comes from direct engagement with the world. This approach allows students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world contexts, thereby deepening their understanding and enhancing their skills.

Experiential learning encompasses various activities, including internships, fieldwork, service learning, and study abroad programs. These experiences are designed to help students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. By stepping out of the traditional classroom setting, students gain invaluable insights and practical knowledge that prepare them for successful careers in a globalized world.

Through initiatives like The Parisianer exhibition, our students are exposed to cultural, artistic, and social dimensions that textbooks alone cannot provide. This immersive approach fosters a holistic educational experience, enabling students to build meaningful connections and contribute to their communities.

At Schiller, we don't just teach; we inspire our students to live their learning.

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