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At Schiller International University, we believe in bold leadership and a global mindset. This is why we’re thrilled to announce Suheily Martinez as the new Campus Director for our Florida university, one of our four international campuses, with the others located in Madrid, Heidelberg, and Paris.

Expert on colleges in Florida

With over 16 years of experience in educational leadership, Suheily is committed to driving academic excellence and holistic student development. Suheily's journey began in Puerto Rico as a passionate teacher determined to make a difference. This drive led her to the United States, where she mastered English and earned a master’s degree in educational leadership from Ana G. Mendez Metro University. She grew with the institution, becoming the Campus Director for both the Tampa and Metro Orlando campuses.

Suheily has also chaired the mentorship program for the Hispanic Professional Woman Association and served as Educational Chair for both the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay and the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida.

These roles allowed her to support Hispanic professionals and students, fostering community and professional development. Inspired by the transformative power of education, Suheily implements evidence-based practices, emphasizing equity and diversity. Her dedication extends beyond her professional environment, seen in her volunteer missions to Latin America, where she educates youth on social issues, identity, and self-esteem.

Schiller, a top university in Tampa

At Schiller International University in Tampa, Florida, a top choice among colleges in the area, Suheily aims to create inclusive, student-centered learning environments. Her recent training in Madrid has equipped her with innovative strategies and a global perspective on education. As part of our global American university, she leads by example, fostering continuous improvement and collaboration. Schiller International University stands out among international universities and private universities, offering programs that cater to students looking for colleges in the Tampa Florida area with excellent career opportunities.

As an English university and American college, Schiller provides a global education experience accessible to a diverse student body. Suheily Martinez embodies the dedication to student success and pursuit of excellence that defines Schiller International University. By fostering a collaborative and innovative educational environment, she aims to make a lasting impact on the field of education.

Join us in welcoming Suheily Martinez to Schiller International University's Tampa campus, a pivotal location among our global campuses that teach in English and offer unparalleled career opportunities.

Embrace the challenge and shape your future with Schiller.

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