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Schiller International University has reached an agreement with the Spanish Rugby Federation (FER) and the Association of Rugby Players (APOME), by which they make available to the federated players 5 scholarships for the Master of Science in Sustainability, which will begin on November 21.

The agreement seeks to make training excellence available to players and help them in their transition to working life through a new concept of education aimed at people who understand that the current context requires professionals with a global mindset in one of the sectors with the highest demand, such as sustainability.

For Marta Muñiz, CEO and president of Schiller International University, "We are thrilled to welcome professional players from the Spanish Rugby Federation, a sport whose values we identify with, to our Master's Degree in Sustainability. The capacity for effort, discipline, creativity and resilience that these players demonstrate in their day-to-day lives are very beneficial skills for both their studies and professional life."

"This agreement allows our male and female players to complete their training in one of the areas with the most potential in today's professional context. Thanks to the flexibility and methodology of Schiller International University, they will be able to combine competition with top-level training, which gives them a will be able to combine competition with high-level training, which will give them a better position for their professional future", added Marina Bravo, former international player with the XV and 7s National Teams, Olympian and member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Rugby Federation.

From an interdisciplinary perspective, the program covers topics such as global sustainable development, environmental policies, ecology, terrain, city and urban planning, economics, natural resources and materials, etc. In addition, students will develop speaking and communication skills in multicultural environments, critical thinking and problem-solving to lead change towards an ethical and sustainable world.

The three institutions have agreed on a series of requirements to be able to access the places offered.

The FER, APOME and Schiller will evaluate and assess the applications, considering the selection criteria defined above. However, to preserve the formative nature of the agreement, the final word on the admission of candidates will remain in the hands of the university.

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