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Students from different nationalities studying in campuses located in Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg and Tampa are working together in cross-campus teams to solve real challenges presented by LOEWE PerfumesThe Schiller Global Innovation Challenge in collaboration with LOEWE Perfumes, launched in April 2022, will foster innovation, problem-solving, communication and global mindset skills from the Schiller International University students, while channeling the entrepreneurial and creative energy of the students to one the world’s major luxury brands, LOEWE Perfumes.  

In this first edition of the Schiller Global Innovation Challenge, 27 students organized in 4 cross-campus teams are applying their skills to solve 2 real challenges faced by LOEWE Perfumes, using agile methodologies in two-week sprints, and having the support of a mentor who acts as scrum master.  

"A real experience that makes our students more prepared than any other to face Real professional challenges."

“We believe in a philosophy of experiential learning, where developing a global mindset and learning from being exposed to real professional challenges are a fundamental part of becoming highly employable. SIU’s Educational Model is centered on this, offering a unique learning experience that not only happens in the classroom, but beyond in EVERY student experience – guaranteeing that our students become truly global and obtain the competencies required to thrive and be successful in an ever-changing world. A perfect example of this is our Global Innovation Challenge in partnership with LOEWE Perfumes, where students from Schiller International’s 4 campuses in Tampa, Madrid, Paris, and Heidelberg have had the opportunity to work on and present a solution for one of the world’s most influential luxury house’s real business challenges. By working in an international, inter-disciplinary context students experience and learn first-hand what many do not gain until long after graduating and working their first entry-level jobs.  A real experience that makes our students more prepared than any other to face Real professional challenges.  That is the Schiller difference and what makes us Schiller International University”, said Victoria Bamond, Chief Academic Officer and Provost at Schiller International University.    

The project is running from April 5th to June 22nd and includes high-level mentoring sessions from LOEWE Perfumes and Schiller. The cross-campus multi-disciplinary teams are working online through three-module phases. The winning project will be announced on June 22nd.  

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