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Schiller International University and IBM have created the Schiller Institute of Business Technology in partnership with IBM (SIBT), which brings together the educational excellence and international capabilities of Schiller, the first US university founded in Europe, with the digital leadership and global presence of technology giant IBM.

Starting January 2022, SIBT will offer training programs addressing digital transformation, artificial intelligence, disruptive technologies for business, cybersecurity and data analysis adapted to different profiles, whether they are technical, managers who want to digitally transform their company, business professionals or students without professional experience who want to prepare themselves to face the new work context. SIBT will be offered at the Schiller Madrid campus initially, and available at other campuses of Schiller International University starting in academic year 2022/2023.

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation processes of most organizations. Some perceived barriers to implementation have fallen, but new ones have emerged. According to a study by IBM, managers no longer see the immaturity of technology or the management of change in the workforce as their main obstacles, but rather in equipping their teams with the necessary skills to harness the potential of technology and transform it into growth. Spain is the country with the highest number of executives (68%) who say they will prioritize the digital transformation of their organizations in the next two years.

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With an innovative and practical approach, SIBT's educational programs respond to the training needs of today's business environment, which demands professionals with knowledge and experience in technology applied to business and with a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation.

The teaching methodology follows the experiential learning based on challenges. Students will solve real IBM challenges in an international environment, thus increasing the transformative power of the educational experience. This pedagogical approach aims to train professionals with the ability to use technology and put it at the service of society to solve the challenges of a global and diverse world.

The faculty of the SIBT program is made up of professionals from IBM and other leading companies in the sector; IBM directs each of the programs, developing all the contents, guaranteeing their quality and updating at a technological and business level.

In addition, students will receive a unique experience thanks to access to IBM tools and technologies, with the possibility of participating in conferences and master classes by IBM experts and professionals and visiting some of the largest IBM business centers and laboratories in Spain or internationally, either virtually or physically.

"With the agreement with IBM and the creation of SIBT we reinforce our commitment to bring university education closer to the business world" - says Marta Muñiz, President CEO of Schiller International University - "By combining the educational excellence of Schiller with the technological and digital leadership of IBM, we train professionals with the ability to use technology and put it at the service of society to solve the challenges of the global economy, in an intelligent, creative and humanistic way. We want to teach them to question the status quo and be prepared for uncertainty.

"IBM has a longstanding commitment to education to drive digital transformation in society. In the post-COVID era, organizations are necessarily becoming more digital and demand professionals with more technology skills. Partnerships like this help align business needs with a skilled labor market so important to driving growth in the economy," says IBM's vice president of technology, Javier Valencia.

Starting January 2022, SIBT will be a space for inspiration and innovation, where knowledge transfer and transformation will act as a catalyst for interaction between university, society and business through the delivery of programs, the promotion of research, the encouragement of technology entrepreneurship and the recognition of best practices.

For more information: SIBT website

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