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We have signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Association of Executives and Directors, EJE&CON, to promote the increase of women in Boards of Directors and top management positions in public and private entities.

This agreement allows EJE&CON to use Schiller's facilities in Madrid for organizing events within their joint commitment to gender equality in leadership roles. On the other hand, Schiller International University has access to the professional network that is part of EJE&CON, which can share its experience and knowledge with the students, with a focus on their employability and diversity education.

The signing ceremony was attended by Cristina Sancho, President of EJE&CON, and Myriam Alcaide, Vice President of Sponsorships and Grants. From Schiller International University, Marta Muñiz, CEO President, and Carmen Alba, Director of the Madrid campus, were present.

In the words of Cristina Sancho, this agreement "is a significant aid in fulfilling our founding mission: promoting access for the best talent, without gender or generational biases, to managerial positions and boards in order to achieve a more just, innovative, and competitive society. We are confident that our more than 1,400 members will find the ideal space at Schiller's campus on the central Paseo de Recoletos in Madrid to host some of our 120+ annual events".

Marta Muñiz emphasized, "Our mission is to educate future professionals with a global mindset who can work wherever they find the best opportunities. This agreement will allow us to expose our students to the leading association of female executives in large companies, to break barriers, overcome unconscious biases, and work together to build a society where every person, regardless of their gender and age, can reach their full potential and contribute to collective progress".

For EJE&CON, it is essential to leave behind the stereotypes and prejudices deeply rooted in society and pave the way for a cultural change that promotes the evaluation of talent without gender biases. For this reason, they promote actions that strengthen the understanding and commitments of all stakeholders in the evolution of current behavioral patterns.

About EJE&CON:

The Spanish Association of Executives and Directors (EJE&CON) is a nonprofit organization that promotes the presence of women in top management positions and boards of directors. Founded in 2015, it is composed of over 1,400 professionals from large companies, executives committed to talent without gender or generational biases. Among its most relevant projects are the EJE&CON Awards for Genderless Talent, which recognize organizations working to promote equality, and the EJE&CON Code of Good Practices for Talent Management and Business Competitiveness, which currently has more than 180 affiliated companies.

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