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A Story of Collaboration and Insight: Schiller’s Responsible Ethical AI Event

Join us as we recount the memorable day at Schiller Paris where academia and industry leaders converged for a groundbreaking event focused on the future of Artificial Intelligence. With the hum of eager discussions filling the air, the Responsible Ethical AI Event unfolded as a profound gathering of minds and ambitions. This narrative, penned by Professor Fereshteh Barei, offers a glimpse into a day charged with innovative ideas, ethical inquiries, and collaborative spirits. Delve into our story of insight, interaction, and inspiration that marked a significant stride towards integrating responsible AI into higher education. Discover how a simple event transformed into a catalyst for educational growth, ethical understanding, and professional opportunities at Schiller Paris.

"Early in the afternoon when I arrived to campus, I opened the entrance door, carrying two bunches of flowers purchased for this special event. Mr. Newman was upstairs, but my colleagues, Maria and William, kindly offered their assistance in arranging the flowers.

Eventually, our director, Aude, came up with an innovative solution for displaying them.

Upstairs, everything was meticulously arranged, and the spacious open area was prepared to host our guest speakers and students. In the rush to finish last-minute preparations, I brewed a lot of coffee to cater to anyone who might need it.

Once we had set up the tables with speakers' names and the season's vibrant flowers, I stepped outside just in time to greet our first speaker from IBM France.

The other speakers arrived one by one, representing Impact AI, IBM, TenCent International, University of Roehampton (Online), and the Ambassador of Tanzania, our guest speaker who graciously agreed to contribute. One of my MBA students, who works in the embassy, successfully persuaded him to participate. This event is perhaps one of the most beautiful collaborations we've ever had at Schiller Paris.

The atmosphere remained friendly throughout the presentations, and students who arrived later posed various questions. We were all enthusiastic and appreciative of the insightful presentations. The content was not only relevant to our era and the needs of students and academics but also reflected the high ethical values and goodwill of the speakers. This created a "feel-good" environment for the event, and I believe we will cherish this memory for a long time.

Vincent Perrin pointed out that inviting speakers with diverse approaches to the subject made the event even more interesting and helpful.

After the presentations the speakers and students joined in discussions and more debate around our cocktail buffet, one could hear happy conversations and more focused questions about internship and future career possibilities, I had even some questions from some participants about doing a Master's or MBA at our university, they appreciated our approach to education.

We are only at the beginning of our journey to acquire AI literacy in an ethical manner. There are numerous projects we aspire to launch, and, of course, we'll require the assistance and contributions of all of you.

The AI working group is open to everyone, and we invite you to join us in this fantastic adventure!" 

Fereshteh Barei  

At Schiller, events like these are made possible by the dedicated efforts of our faculty and staff. Professors like the writer of this narrative are at the heart of these events, weaving together the logistical threads to create a tapestry of knowledge and opportunity. The event was not only a showcase of ideas but also a networking hub, fostering conversations around internships and career opportunities. The interest in our Master's and MBA programs, sparked by these interactions, highlighted the respect for our educational approach.

You can also read Barei's Advancing Responsible and Ethical AI Use in Higher Education: A Collaborative Approach.

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