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Choosing the right university is a monumental decision for any student, and attending university open days can significantly impact this choice. Whether you're a recent high school graduate eager to embark on your academic journey or a parent supporting your child's aspirations, understanding how to make the most of these events is crucial.

Why University Open Days Matter

University open days are your gateway to experiencing campus life firsthand, providing insights that surpass mere brochures and websites. An Open Day allows you to validate everything you've read, seen, or heard about our university. Your decision will shape your future, and we understand the weight of this choice—it wasn't long ago that you were in high school!

Now is your opportunity to seize the moment. These events in a university are pivotal; they immerse you in our university's atmosphere, fostering interactions with our esteemed faculty and dynamic student body. It's a chance to envision yourself thriving within our community and charting your path toward success.

Types of University Open Days

There are various types of Open Days, each with its own unique name. You might have come across terms like "Open House" or "Jornadas de puertas abiertas" if you reside in Spain, or even "Jopa" (not to be confused with the YouTuber, of course). However, regardless of the name, these events serve as a window for the university to showcase its essence.

Every institution has a dedicated team committed to enhancing the student experience, shaping the university's culture, values, curriculum, and daily operations.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Preparing for a university Open Day involves more than just checking off a list of facilities and presentations. It’s about immersing yourself in the essence of campus life, envisioning your future, and connecting with the community that could shape your academic journey.

At Schiller International University, our Open Day promises an immersive experience where you can explore our campuses, engage with faculty and students, and participate in insightful presentations that showcase our unique approach to education.

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In an Open Day, you can expect:

Campus Exploration: Navigate key facilities; remember, you will be spending part of your life here. Enjoy a coffee, visit the library, or take a seat in one of the classrooms. You can also ask about other campuses the school may have, as this may impact the multicultural focus of the school.

At Schiller International University, we have 4 international campuses, 3 in Europe and 1 in the USA. What’s exciting is that depending on the program, you can even jump from campus to campus! This is definitely a question worth asking when you attend our Open Day!

Engaging with Faculty and Students: Seize opportunities to inquire and gain insights into academic programs, student support services, and career prospects. Everyone is here to assist you. Ask about student accommodations, visa requirements, and inquire about past alumni and their current employment. Connecting with current alumni, like yourself, may provide valuable insights for the future. Here, you can discover the destinations our alumni have reached.

Attending Presentations and Talks: Gain insights into admission requirements, financial aid options, and the distinctive features of our academic programs.

In Schiller International University, we like to give our potential students a full immersive experience, offering masterclasses that showcase our unique teaching methods. We believe in learning by living, through active engagement and participation in practical real-life scenarios.

It’s an excellent opportunity to preview your learning experience; after all, this is what it’s all about.

Making the Most of Your Time and Post-Visit Reflection

Prepare for your university open house by researching our programs, campus culture, and extracurricular activities. Actively engage during your visit, jotting down insights to help guide your decision-making later. After attending, take some time to reflect on your experiences and compare institutions based on academic offerings, campus facilities, and overall vibe. Chat with your family and mentors to gather diverse perspectives before making your final decision.

Schiller International University for Parents

At Schiller International, we understand the pivotal role parents play in the decision-making process. We encourage families to explore together while honoring each student’s individual journey. During your visit, parents can discuss safety measures, academic rigor, financial considerations, and community support. It's also heartening to note that we have students who have continued their family tradition by studying at our university.

Enjoy your visit, choose wisely

University open days at Schiller International University are invaluable opportunities to explore our campus, discover our global perspective, and envision your academic and personal growth. Whether you're considering a bachelor's or master's program, attending our open days will provide essential insights into finding the right fit. Join us and take the first step towards shaping your future with confidence.

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