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The new IR & Diplomacy Advisory Board from Schiller International University met recently at the Madrid campus to discuss relevant issues to improve the academic program and the student experience for the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy. Their members, all high-profile professionals in the field of International Relations, reflected on key questions such as career options for the students, most relevant knowledge and skills to have, and what could be done to improve the student experience and employability.

Program lead Miguel Angel Benedicto, Dean Jesus Soto and Campus Director Isabel Campbell met Maria Andres, Head of the European Parliament in Spain; Antonio Camuñas, Crowe's Global Diplomacy Partner and former President US-Spain Chamber of Commerce; Aurea Molto, Executive Editor of Política Exterior; Jochen Mueller, Head of the Administration Division at the European Union Satellite Center (EU SatCen) and Andres Pereda, Director of Corporate Development of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Anamaria Almasan, Dean of the Consular Corps Madrid and Head of the Romanian Embassy to Madrid, also member of the board, could not attend the meeting.

Two potential areas of opportunities for students were discussed:  orientation regarding career paths to enable strategic decisions, and six-month internships.

The board also agreed on the key knowledge areas required by IR professionals: knowing how to differentiate political-legal-administrative systems from different parts of the world; the importance of the inter-cultural competencies; and a solid base of economics, data analysis/public opinion/design of public policies, fight against disinformation, public communication strategies for the twenty-first century and cyber-diplomacy. 

The meeting ended with the members agreeing to forge partnerships with some of the most internationalized Spanish companies, international institutions, think tanks and foundations to ensure internships and value-added activities for students.

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