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Schiller International University CEO and president Marta Muñiz participated recently in the 1st #DiversityTalks organized by EJE&CON, the Spanish Association of Executives and Board Members. Under the title “Education as a driver of change. Proposals for the future”, the panel gathered experts in the field of higher education who reflected on solutions and actions to promote diversity in the workplace. 

One of the main topics for discussion centered around why women, despite having been incorporated into the university environment for years, still do not develop their professional careers as fully as men, and how could institutions help to avoid this loss of talent for society, the economy, and the business environment in general. 

Marta highlighted the natural diversity of Schiller, exemplified mainly through its international student body, but also its management and faculty team. In her opinion, this diversity undoubtedly attracts women to develop their professional careers at Schiller, where they find the right conditions to progress. She also spoke about the importance to train the faculty so they can be drivers of change to promote diversity from an early stage. 

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