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Innovative Learning: Schiller's Hackathon with ECOALF


On Tuesday, January 23rd our undergraduate students from International Relations and Business participated in a Hackathon hosted by the renowned clothing brand, ECOALF with collaboration of entrepreneurship platform, Elevatorfy.  

Ecoalf is a Spanish sustainable fashion brand recognized for its commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation. The brand stands out for its dedication to creating high-quality clothing and accessories using recycled materials, such as discarded fishing nets, plastic bottles, and other post-consumer waste.  

The day began at Eco ALF headquarters, where Elevatorfy presented the challenge. We formed multidisciplinary groups of students to engage in a 5-hour session, providing solutions to a real-life challenge: How can ECOALF encourage people to adopt sustainable practices not only when purchasing clothes but also in other aspects of their lives? The students applied the Creative Thinking Method and Design Sprint to tackle this challenge, dividing into two teams. 

A pivotal aspect of their exploration was the embodiment of Schiller's core vision: learning by living. Taking to the streets, students conducted immersive research and interviews, substantiating their cases with real-world insights. 

The last stop was the Schiller International University Madrid Campus, where both teams worked on ideating and prototyping their specific solutions. After both groups presented their respective approaches to the challenge, the Ecoalf team announced the winner of the day. 

Throughout the day, Schiller's Academic Model guided students, helping turn their initial ideas into practical solutions. Their journey, marked by curiosity and innovation, evolved from hypotheses and ideas to well-organized solutions. 

After this exciting Hackathon, Schiller International University proudly congratulates all participating students and expresses its gratitude to ECOALF and Elevatorfy for their valuable collaboration, bringing together academia and industry innovation. As we look back on this transformative day, we eagerly anticipate more events such as this one, staying true to our commitment to pioneering education and nurturing future global innovators. 

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