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Schiller International University, is a unique place where you learn how the world works, with enough determination and autonomy to be your own leader. We offer students high-quality educational opportunities and the opportunity to gain valuable skills for their future careers. Our main goal is to prepare students for success in today's competitive job market. 

We believe that with the right tools and the right skills our students will be able to do what they want in the future, leading the business of innovation and taking the world by storm. That’s why, we have created an educational model that goes beyond traditional standards, to prepare you to be a true professional prepared for the real world. 

Because it’s not just about what you learn; it's about how you learn it.

1. The Real Global Learning Experience

A new form of education aimed at the brave, in which you, as a student, are immersed in an international context from day one. Learning by living in a 100% experiential way, working directly with international experts in up to four different countries, with the chance to obtain accredited* dual degrees (USA and Europe) in future-oriented fields, while building a personalized path to becoming a Smart Global Professional.

2. A Path to World Leadership

With the increasing globalization and technology, we’re witnessing a new era of work that requires individuals to be more flexible, adaptable, and innovative than ever before. Our mission is to prepare you to be the innovative leader who will help solve some of the most pressing problems of our time, boosting your employability worldwide. 

That’s why we provide a strong foundation in critical thinking and analytical skills, along with an understanding of how businesses operate globally and how to work collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds. 

We want you to be ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

3. More Than a University: The Road to Success

We’ve developed a unique curriculum that guarantees you’ll become the successful professional of tomorrow. It’s a combination of skills, knowledge, and experiences that’ll make you an attractive candidate for employers. 

Everything always comes from the hand of mentoring services, specialized training, industry partnership, and a Global Network, which are fundamental to identifying opportunities, preparing for candidacy, and guaranteeing successful access to global job opportunities.

4. Innovation Programs Focused On Future-Oriented Areas

All our graduate and postgraduate degrees are focused on creating professionals who are capable of responding to future problems. 

We have innovation programs based on the needs that emerge from this new reality, providing you with cutting-edge collaboration and leadership tools, a strong focus on international business, data analytics, computer science and math, sustainability, or strategy and innovation, and access to modern equipment and software.

Because the world is changing, new opportunities are emerging every day, and it’s crucial to stay up to date.

5. A Developed Method to Form Global Leaders 

We’re convinced that students can only achieve great things if they’re taught in a way that allows them to think outside the box, as well as inside it. This is why we encourage you by giving you the opportunity to see the world with your own eyes, live it, and experience it. Being exposed to different cultures, companies, markets, and ways of thinking. 

We have created an environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions, exploring ideas, and learning from each other's experiences, while living on your own. It’s an experience that’ll change your life completely.

We’re sure it’s the only effective way to develop a global perspective that’ll bring you success in today's world.

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