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In a globalized world, intercultural and cutting-edge skills have become a prerequisite for achieving academic and professional success in today’s marketplace and the future. Succeeding in a global world requires a global mindset.

Studying abroad is one of the best ways (if not the best way) to acquire the global knowledge that will open doors to top opportunities in the professional world. And, all while having international experiences in unique locations around the world, learning to adapt to new environments, interacting with other cultures, and discovering your full potential. 

It’s an experience that will spur on your career, and you’ll never forget. Here’s why! 

1. Discover the world out there

Study in Spain, study in France, study in the United States... There’s a whole world out there to discover, and being an exchange student is an adventure like no other. Get out of your comfort zone, travel, break the routine, and allow yourself to discover endless new opportunities. 

Explore some of the world’s top countries to study abroad [link to post Top countries to study abroad] and experience these places yourself. Understand their culture and customs, explore their streets, museums, natural wonders, and even learn a new language. 

Studying abroad will broaden your multicultural skills and ability to adapt and give you a new perspective on the world, making you an excellent asset to any company. 

2. Experience new challenges, develop and grow 

University procedures, living costs, transportation costs, a new language, and maybe even a different currency. Moving to another country is an exciting adventure, but it involves a series of responsibilities that force you to mature, trust yourself more, and have initiative. Qualities that many companies look for in their employees. 

From grocery shopping to making friends in a bar, studying abroad brings with it a series of challenges (exciting and enriching in equal parts) and gives you the opportunity to overcome them on your own. Facing them will help you grow as a person, as a student, and, beyond that, as a professional, acquiring essential skills that would otherwise be very difficult. 

People who have lived in different parts of the world are more open, respectful, and resolute when finding solutions to problems. 

3. Broaden your network

Studying abroad allows you to get out of your own background, meet new people, find networking opportunities, expand your international networks, and even generate professional opportunities. 

Your classmates can be your best supporters, your sidekicks in adventures, or end up being your future partners. Many students decide to embark on an international study abroad program, and who knows if one of them could end up being a successful manager! Or maybe it’ll be you. 

And, if you decide to do so by studying at the four campuses of Schiller International University, you probably will be.

4. Support your global employability 

Study abroad programs provide you with invaluable skills sought after by companies worldwide, and living in another country guarantees you real international experience. You will be able to understand how different economies, societies, and cultures work, and then be able to lead them on your own. 

Something that will go even further with Schiller International University. We are determined to make you a key player in any global market. And to that end, we give you the opportunity to learn by living in up to four different countries, taking you out of the traditional classroom and into the real world through challenges set by leading international companies and giving you access to countless exclusive experiences, from internship programs to international immersions in unique locations around the world to a host of scholarships for international students. 

You’ll be just one step away from finding the job of your dreams wherever you want.

5. Gain life experience 

Studying abroad not only puts you at the top of the list when it comes to finding a job but also gives you the opportunity to explore other countries and their cultures, build lasting friendships and grow as you build the path you want to be the professional you’ve always imagined yourself to be. 

Are you sure you still don’t want to have this experience? 

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