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Double degree benefit for students as Schiller enhances worldwide employment opportunities


An innovative new pan-Atlantic academic agreement will mean students registered with Schiller International University in the USA will also study towards a second, separate degree authorized by the University of Roehampton in London.

Schiller International University (SIU) and the University of Roehampton (UoR) in London have signed an agreement where students will study for a degree awarded by Roehampton alongside their Schiller degree and receive two separate qualifications.

A student from anywhere in the world studying at Schiller will earn an accredited US degree and a British degree valid in 45 countries under the Bologna process. This is a truly innovative arrangement, which will benefit Schiller’s student body by providing them with a global profile.

Regardless of the campus of choice: Madrid, Paris, Heidelberg or soon Florida (once it receives final approval), Schiller students will also be enrolled in the University of Roehampton. With a heritage which stretches back 170 years, the University of Roehampton, offers degrees in a wide range of disciplines including business and economics. Set in a scenic, traditional campus overlooking the Royal Richmond Park, Roehampton has a reputation for an excellent student experience, high levels of student employability and cutting edge research-led teaching.


The agreement between Schiller International University and Roehampton goes beyond a student receiving credits during an Erasmus exchange or a study abroad at another university. Over a four year period, (one year for postgraduate programs) undergraduate students will achieve two degrees, one from Schiller International University, and one from The University of Roehampton delivered by Schiller.

Students’ courses will include a number of modules / credits which will count towards both degrees, in addition to a number that are specific to either their Schiller, or their Roehampton qualification, including a Dissertation or Thesis. All teaching and the Dissertation or Thesis will be carried out by Schiller’s academics.

Through this collaboration students at Schiller receive an education that crosses borders and increases their opportunities academically and professionally by giving them access to both American and European markets. In the current job market this will enable graduates to meet the demand for a workforce that is capable of adapting and growing.

Welcome Letter

A Message from Our President

Welcome. My name is Manuel Alonso, and I’m proud to be the President of Schiller International University. For more than fifty years, Schiller has offered students a unique opportunity to enrich their studies—and their lives—through a truly international educational experience.

Whether you have just completed high school or are seeking a graduate degree, your main concern when choosing an educational institution is to select a school and a program that opens doors to professional opportunity. At Schiller, we know that our global outlook and the immersive international experience we provide can open those doors. All over the world, our alumni are taking on key roles in society, policy, and business.

In today’s globalized economy, candidates with first-hand knowledge of how leading countries do business and make policy can stand out in the international job marketplace. When you earn your degree from Schiller International University, you can become that candidate.

Our programs offer you:

  • In-demand undergraduate and graduate degree programs in International Relations and Diplomacy, International Business, International Tourism and Hospitality, and International Economics;
  • Preparation to become a registered nurse through our accelerated, 22-month Associate of Nursing Program in Largo (Tampa), Florida—take just one class per month;
  • Professors who combine advanced academic credentials with significant industry experience in their fields of expertise;
  • The unique ability to move from one international campus to another without changing schools or programs;
  • Immersive cultural experiences at centrally-located campuses in Largo, Florida; Heidelberg, Germany; Paris, France; and Madrid, Spain;
  • Classes taught in English at all campuses, with intensive foreign-language study available in German, French, or Spanish;
  • Convenient online study options—pursue your degree entirely online, or combine campus courses with online classes to fit your needs;
  • Accelerated course schedules with programs beginning every month, so you can start earning your degree when you are ready and graduate faster.

When you study with us, you become part of our world-wide learning community. The students and professors you will meet at our campuses will challenge and inspire you, becoming your friends, mentors, and professional contacts.

I invite you to find out more about us through our website. Explore our programs, our philosophy, and our community, or contact our admissions department to find out about application requirements, financial aid, scholarships, and military student benefits.

Thank you for considering Schiller International University as your educational partner. Helping you plan your future—and achieve your goals—is our reward.


Manuel Alonso (Ph.D.)


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Graduate Services provides assistance in finding the opportunities for work study experience program internships, OPT's and any other employment and needs for new and current students as well as alumni. We also offer workshops where you will be able to learn skills necessary to successfully enter a job market. We will provide mentoring where you will gain additional skills so your career can flourish. Each student will have an opportunity to meet with us, on a one-on-one basis where we will be able to work together in creating a successful career path for each individual student.

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Student Success

"Schiller International University is a place to learn, connect, strive, and achieve. The faculty and staff care about YOUR success and, as a student, you have many contacts and people on your side."

~ Cecil Grissom
BS, International Hospitality and Tourism Management
Class of 2011

"Schiller International University MBA programs offer students the opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with people from all around the globe."

~ Simon Morabih
MBA, International Business
2010 Graduate

"With traveling, work and school, I had to learn time management the best way I can. I never had to pause my life to obtain my Masters. The staff & faculty made sure I succeeded in every subject."

~ Linda Walton
Schiller International University

"Earning my degree from Schiller has changed my life and opened up many career opportunities.  I am currently working as a Software Developer and hoping to move towards Management opportunities."

~ Yathukulan Suthakaran
MBA, IT Management
2012 Graduate