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MBA in Management of Information Technology

You will study the entire master degree in English and, have the opportunity to do it at your own pace with a flexible program.

Why Study at Schiller International University?

130 Nationalities Our campuses are home to students from more than 130 countries. Current Schiller students are from Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia. This diversity creates the international learning environments and personal experiences that Schiller International students are looking for!
50 Years of history For over 50 years, the Schiller International University faculty and staff have brought the credentials and expertise needed to support the foundations of international learning. This supports our continuous goal of developing the world leaders needed for the future!
20000 Alumni Schiller’s international learning community includes a network of more than 20.000 graduates in over 200 cities who remain committed to the University. This commitment reflects support to current students and fellow graduates beyond graduation.

MBA in Management of Information Technology

Recent trends in technology have increased the demand for information technology professionals. This Management of Information Technology program emphasizes the management of information systems, database management, communication networks, project management, electronic commerce, system analysis and design. With a unique program design delivered by experienced working professionals in IT development and business, this MBA program will allow you break out of the theory and growth in a multidimensional way, gaining hands-on experience and exploring the future of Information Technology.

Computer and Information Research Job Outlook 2020– 2030*

  • +22% Expected Growth
  • 40,2k  Projected Employment
  • Career Areas: Software Publishers, Research and Development, Computer Systems Design and Related Services

* US Market. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Graduates of this MBA in Management of Information Technology will be able to:

  • Develop and lead teams of technical people toward the achievement of established goals and manage the development of their product. 
  • Identify ways in which technology can be applied to solve both existing and new or anticipated problems. 
  • Leverage technology to realize strategic management goals and opportunities. 
  • Assure the quality of information as well as its value to those who will ultimately use it for decision-making. 
  • Think, write, and speak cogently and persuasively about ongoing or anticipated work with colleagues, end-users, and corporate leadership, and listen carefully to feedback.
  • 100% Global Experience: Study at four different international locations.
  • Reality-Based: Practical learning and challenges with companies and organizations.
  • Interdisciplinary: Business, Digital, Tech, and Sustainability focus.
  • Focused and Flexible: One course per month and multiple formats.
  • Personalized Path: Create your own journey based on your goals and needs.
  • Future-Oriented: Career Services and mentoring programs.
  • International Faculty: Referred professionals that share updated knowledge and challenge students with real cases.
  • Learning Partners: Business partners and organizations to expand community engagement and networking.
  • Personal Advisors: Trusted advocates to support you from day one in reaching your goals.
  • Diverse Community: A multicultural and inclusive community with more than 100 nationalities.

See What Other Students Say


Lerato T. Shaylor

At Schiller, I was given the freedom to make decisions about my studies and career. I still feel the support and advice from my tutors – some of the most formative guidance I have ever received.


Griffin Hill

My time at Schiller has allowed me to live in different countries. Studying international topics in a practical learning environment is something you can't achieve at other universities.


Iñigo Gastón

My experience has been great. After working for a few years, I realized how up to date this learning system is. Also, the skills I acquired have helped me achieve professional growth.

natalia malvar schiller student

Natalia Malvar

My experience at SIU has been extraordinary and incredibly rewarding both at an academic and intellectual level, and at a personal growth level.


Steven Gatewood

I have truly enjoyed my experience at Schiller! As an online student, I always felt the sense of community. The staff and entire faculty are very helpful.

adina laura achim

Adina Laura Achim

SIU shaped my character and helped me discover my passion. I met a professor who recognized my potential and redirected me to focus on international affairs.