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Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy


In partnership with UNITAR


Together with UNITAR, Schiller offers you an opportunity to experience the real world of global diplomacy at the heart of international affairs.

Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy





Paris, Heidelberg, Tampa


12 months (15 months for UK Dual Degree)


36 American Credits, (45 for UK Dual Degree)





International Organization Internship

Opportunity to apply for a 3-month internship at an international organization, with personalized mentorship and support.

Graduation at UN Headquarters

Take the stage in Geneva, Switzerland.

Official Certification

Certification for successful graduates according to UNITAR’s Certification Policy.

Why Study a Master's Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at Schiller?

Understand the GLOBAL POLITICAL ISSUES affecting the world today, including global governance, conflict resolution, or human rights, and propose effective solutions.

Analyze GLOBAL ECONOMIC PROBLEMS and make recommendations to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Create innovative solutions in new 21ST CENTURY CHALLENGES for the international community, including cybersecurity, climate change, and pandemics.

Empower your future with a program that fuels growth and offers 7.6K projected job opportunities, backed by a 9% EXPECTED GROWTH RATE (Political Science Job Outlook 2020-2030).

Study INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS roles, challenges, and opportunities.

Promote cooperation and dialogue between STATE AND NON-STATE ACTORS.

Scholarships and financial aid

At Schiller International University, we provide you with a full detailed list of available scholarships and Financial Aid. If you need additional information or personalized attention, contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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