Enrolling at Schiller International University marks the beginning of your transformative educational journey. It involves the process of officially registering and becoming a student at our institution. The enrollment process typically includes submitting an application, completing the required documentation, and confirming your intention to join our academic community.


We look forward to welcoming motivated and ambitious students who are ready to pursue their educational goals with dedication and enthusiasm. Here are the easy steps to be followed:

  • Fill out the Application Enrollment: Begin your journey to Schiller International University by filling out the application enrollment form. This essential first step sets the stage for your academic adventure.
  • Pay the Application Fee: Once you've completed the application, our Admissions Representative will guide you through the payment of the application fee during the interview process. This payment confirms your interest and commitment to joining Schiller.
  • Complete the Interview: Engage in a meaningful interview with your dedicated Admissions Representative. This conversation is an opportunity to ask questions, define your educational and professional goals, and determine if a Schiller degree aligns with your aspirations.
  • Send All Required Admissions Documents: To ensure a smooth admissions process, gather and submit all required admissions documents. This includes transcripts, passport documentation, proof of English proficiency, a letter of motivation, and any additional requested materials.
  • Receive Your Acceptance Package: Once accepted, you'll receive an acceptance package tailored to your needs. For students requiring a VISA, you'll initially receive a scanned copy of a conditional letter of acceptance, along with the invoice for your first semester's tuition. Upon payment, you'll receive the official copy of your acceptance letter and acceptance package.
  • Congratulations!: With the completion of these steps, you officially become a valued member of Schiller's diverse and dynamic learning community. We're here to support you at every stage of your educational journey. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns that may arise during your enrollment process. Welcome to Schiller International University!

Enroll with us at Schiller International University and unlock your full potential in a global learning environment.