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Master's Degrees in Blackburn, United Kingdom

Discover our master's degrees in Blackburn, United Kingdom. Experience experiential learning across multiple international campuses and gain a global perspective for a successful future.

Be a socially responsible leader and drive meaningful change with a master's degree in Blackburn, United Kingdom from Schiller International University. Our diverse range of programs in international business, tech, international relations, computer software and media applications, data analytics, global trade and finance, or sustainability will prepare you to create a better future.

Embark on a unique journey, as our program takes you to various locations worldwide, including the USA, Spain, France, and Germany. Through this global diversity, you'll master the art of understanding reality from different perspectives and explore endless career opportunities worldwide.

Gain the advantage of firsthand experiences to become the future leader our world needs.

Study in Blackburn, United Kingdom

Looking to study in Blackburn, United Kingdom? Schiller International University could be your gateway to Europe and the United States for postgraduate study. Embrace more than just classroom learning – immerse yourself in different realities and discover the true essence of globality.

As you progress through our program, you'll evolve into a smart global professional, equipped with international experience that will impress prospective employers in our increasingly globalized world.

Seize the opportunity to make a real impact on your future through our Real Global Learning Experience.

American University in Blackburn, United Kingdom

Step beyond traditional theoretical learning at Schiller International University. We empower you to advocate for your ideas with the knowledge you've acquired through real-world experiences.

At The Global American University, Schiller, we are revolutionizing this system and taking it one step further by making your master’s degree a real international experience. You will live and learn 100% through your own experiences. Plus, you will have the chance to earn an Accredited* dual degree (*Accredited member ACICS) to make you stand out from other students.

Welcome to The Real Global Learning Experience.

The Real Global Learning Experience

Explore four international campuses across Blackburn, United Kingdom. Develop a genuinely global mindset by experiencing different cultures and markets up close. Embrace the essence of living in a global world and challenge yourself to new heights!

Obtain Accredited* dual degrees that expand your horizons and prepare you for solving complex global problems across disciplines in our rapidly changing world.

Experiential Learning

At Schiller International University, learning goes beyond theory. Engage with real challenges top companies pose and step out of the classroom to craft solutions for global social issues.

Collaborate with international experts and apply innovative methodologies used in the real business world, such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile.

Focused Learning

Tailor your learning experience with our monthly learning system. Dive deep into your chosen subject, learning essential tools, skills, and challenges to thrive in every course.

At Schiller International University, we provide all the support and resources you need to succeed. Become the smart global professional you aspire to be and lead your global success.

Geared towards Global Employability

Your postgraduate education should prepare you for a global career. At Schiller International University, we ensure that by integrating real challenges from top global companies, fostering professional skills, and offering certified specializations in high-demand areas like entrepreneurship and tech.

Benefit from industry partnerships providing exclusive access to internships, scholarships, career advice, and mentoring from international professionals.

Credit Transfer and Acceleration

Maximize your academic achievements by transferring credits towards your master's degree in Blackburn, United Kingdom at Schiller International University. Fast-track your degree with up to 18 to 21 credits from your prior coursework.

Scholarships for Master's Degrees

Don't let financial barriers hinder your pursuit of a master's degree in Blackburn, United Kingdom. Schiller International University offers several scholarships tailored to meet diverse student needs.

Apply for a scholarship today and enjoy up to a 50% tuition discount on your academic journey.