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International University in Saitama

Looking for an international university in Saitama? The Global American University, Schiller connects with international professionals and leading companies from day one.

Are you searching for an American university in Saitama? With student scholarships to pursue your Bachelor’s degree or your Master’s Degree and experience an international education? Look no further than The Global American University, Schiller! Our unique institution offers an internationally-focused curriculum, real-world partnerships, and the opportunity to develop a global mindset. With a history of academic excellence and innovation since its founding in 1964, The Global American University, Schiller is committed to developing world-savvy achievers through its Real Global Learning Experience.

Study in Saitama

At The Global American University, Schiller, education goes beyond coursework. We believe in connecting our students with the professional world from day one. Through our international focus, students acquire the knowledge, skills, and global mindset needed to become Smart Global Professionals. This is what makes The Global American University, Schiller stand out from other international Universities. We provide direct access to international professionals, leading companies, organizations, and institutions, helping students build a Global Employability Path and achieve their professional goals.

Our partnerships with top companies like IBM, Google Cloud, AWS, EY, Atalayar, and SAS are invaluable for our students. These partnerships offer opportunities to connect with industry leaders, gain hands-on experience, and build a strong professional network. We understand the importance of these connections for students looking to pursue a career in a specific field or industry.

Academic Excellence and Innovation

Our commitment to academic excellence and innovation is well-established. In 1983, The Global American University, Schiller received US accreditation as a private university, validating our educational excellence both in the US and abroad. In 2016, we became the first American university to receive German programmatic accreditation through Evalag, further confirming our high-quality standards. In 2022, The Global American University, Schiller embarked on a new era of global transformative education, dedicated to developing world-smart citizens.

If you are looking for an international university in Saitama, that offers student scholarships and the chance to earn your Bachelor’s degree, join us at The Global American University, Schiller for a transformative educational experience that prepares you for a successful future. Our global mindset and real-world partnerships, provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences they need to become Smart Global Professionals.