The Job Market During COVID-19

How to prepare for change


May 04, 2020


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How to prepare for change

This sounds very cliché, but has never been as true as today for this current generation. So last week our career services department invited Wim Zwaenepoel to speak to our students about this topic. Here are a few notes from his talk:

The Covid-19 has seriously impacted the economy and job security at a worldwide scale, with long-lasting, game-changing consequences . The global outbreak of the coronavirus has changed the job marketalmost overnight.

Certain sectors are clearly benefiting, other industries are severely harmed and will end up in turmoil. A handful of sectors may escape with minimal pain.

It is still too early to understand the true extent of what will be the ‘exact impact’ on the job market in the mid and long run. The only thing we know is that the entire globe entered into a recession. Many current trends, like the “remote working revolution”, will continue even after defeating the outbreak: however, nobody can really know how the ‘new normal’ will look like.

The job market for recent grads this year will not feel like a ‘walk in the park’ and it can be lonely out there. But you cannot simply wait until it gets ‘over:’ that may be next month…or next year…

Young grads need to weather the storm, remain positive and get creative. Needs some practical advice? here are 2 key points for you:

Make sure you are prepared:  upgrade your applications tools, networking & Personal Branding

Be open to alternatives : remote working, project-based working, career continuation, corona-proof business ventures etc.

We’ll leave you with this quote: “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”